It wasn’t too long after I was old enough to drink I discovered my passion for wine. The rest just fell neatly into place. Spirits, beer, coffee and anything else in liquid form, not to mention the occasional cigar. “I want to know it all”, I told myself, as I dove headlong, down the rabbit hole of the distilled and fermented. As my education progresses I find myself falling deeper in love with the art of it all, captivated by the allure of the beverage industry. My years as a bartender have rewarded me with a profound grasp of the spirit world, allowing my studies as a sommelier to round themselves out. Even after all these years of collecting information and experience, only one thing is glaringly clear; I am only getting started, yet I will never finish.

Cin Cin


One thought on “About

  1. Found you on Instagram after you liked one of my photos. One of my absolute fave attributes in wine that I adore, is when I can literally taste the terroir of the region. I simply adore when my taste buds detect from the dirt to the vine…. to the climate! I’m definitely going to check this little spirit out! 😉 thank you!

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